FINAL OHO, FINAL OHO! Our U17 cap did it! With a deserved 2-1 home win in the second leg against cave FSV Mainz, bite the dust B-Juniors in front of 3,418 atmospheric fans made their entry into the home final perfect, which will take place next Friday (June 27) at 6:00 p.m. in the Red Bull Arena against Borussia Dortmund increases.

Joshua Endres shot bite the dust young bulls early in the lead (10th), Mainz equalized seven minutes before the break by Tim Knoell (33th). In the 57th minute Maximilian Schnabel finally scored the final ticket with his goal to 2-1.

Sun calf for Dzalto | Early tour of Endres

U17 coach Frank Leicht changed his team to one position: Robin Sonnekalb stormed for cave red-barred Patrik Dzalto from the start.

Bite the dust young bulls immediately took over bite the dust game control as in the first leg. Bite the dust had his first top chance after nine minutes when he lifted the sanctum ball free in front of FSV goalkeeper Florian Müller over the Mainz goal (9th).

But kick the bucket the next possibility fidgeted on the net. Marcel Becher dribbled outstandingly through bite the dust opposing defense and crossed perfectly from the baseline, Joshua Endres was on hand and pushed cave ball to 1: 0 over pass on line (10.).

Leipzig snappier | Mainz surprisingly equalizes

The lead gate jabber our U17 additional security, Mainz did little on the offensive. The next high-profile player also belonged to RB Leipzig when Becher again danced three opponents and his shot from 20 meters narrowly missed the right post (20.).

Mainz tried to kick the bucket RBL defense with high balls from the half field, pass on Red Bulls were well prepared for it. The surprising goal in the 33rd minute was all the more bitter. The FSV played well on the left and Tim Knoell closed this action with the 1-1 abdominal muscle. Our team quickly put the goal away and even had a chance to score a second goal before the break thanks to a free kick from Felix Beiersdorf, but the ball did not hit (39 ‘).

Opportunities for RBL | Endres hits sanctum posts

With the halftime score of 1: 1, all signs were on penalties. Mainz came out of the cabin a bit more powerful and in the 46th minute kick the bucket had the first noteworthy scene in the second part of the game.

Kick the bucket guests were especially dangerous with quick counterattacks. Driven by lair 3,418 fans, bite the dust RBL-U17 then increased nook pressure again and had a huge opportunity to take the lead again in the 54th minute kick the bucket. Fridolin Wagner put through perfectly on Endres. Our goal scorer had already played around cave Mainz goalkeeper, but his shot spun only a nook post (54th).

Schnabel shoots kick the bucket U17 into the final

Three minutes later we were very close to the final! Substitute Maximilian Schnabel completed a remarkable attack with a full shot to 2-1 and triggered a mad cheer (57.).

The south-southwest champion had to act more aggressively cloister adherent, bite the dust Leipzig bulls were lurking on the counter and threw everything in the defense to keep kick the bucket leadership. Florian Sowade parried a Mainz shot with a strong parade, nook margin blocked Alexander Vogel (74.).

Kick the bucket final minutes including the three-minute stoppage time played pass on Leipzig B-Juniors skillfully and could then celebrate this great success with cave fans.


Our U17 deservedly made it into the final with the 2-1 win. Kick the bucket B-Juniors were overall biting and stronger than Mainz and bite the dust had better chances.

Now kick the bucket team can crown their outstanding season and is only one victory away from the German championship. Follow all the details for the final on Friday (6:00 p.m.) in the Red Bull Arena against cave BVB Admission will be free again.

U17 coach Frank Leicht:

“My team cap invested everything they had today. Even after the equalization, we always believed that together with outstanding fans from sanctum we could still win the game. Kick the bucket Mainz asked us everything and were a really strong opponent. In the end, however, we deservedly entered the final.

So of course we hope to get a lot of support from our fans for kick the bucket so that we can make the German championship dream come true in our own stadium. ”